Monday, March 30, 2009

How to recharge

So what recharges you? So recharging often means adding "balancing activities" to your life. 

If you are a hard-working landscaper, you may recharge best through some rest and a few hours of screens - Wii, WOW, or email.   

Since I mostly sit at a desk for a living, I get recharged by things that are quite physical - most unlike computers. So - I like rough hiking in thick woods...I like to build things and carve wood with a chainsaw.  I don't spend much time it in front of  screens (computer, TV) after doing it on the job all day.  An interesting exeption is that I do get recharged through writing (thus the blog). 

Of course, the recharge principle is not true for everyone. Many of my co-workers go home and play online games for hours after looking at screens all day. The important thing is to know what recharges your batteries, and spend the time do do this so you stay mentally and physically healthy.